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Air Separation Unit

Air Separation Unit (ASU) is used to produce Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon. Basing on different boiling points of gases in the air, the equipment separates air components using liquefying rectification method. 
Generally, ASU consists pf several basic systems such as compression, purification, refrigeration and rectification.


• Customized design on actual demand and budget, choose the right equipment to save investment and running cost.


• Low pressure flow design and proven technology for reliable operation and low power consumption.


• Broad and proven execution expertise covering the full technology, engineering, procurement and construction lifecycle. 


• Trusted partner ecosystem combining global procurement capabilities with local market advantages.


• DCS automatic monitoring control system effectuates nobody-duty, minimizing labor cost and error probability substantially.




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All Pressure Vessels can be designed in accordance with the GB or European Pressure Directive PED or ASME depending on the geographies.


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