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Stack Gas CO2 Recovery Plant

CO2 Plant is a full set of equipment of collecting pure CO2 from a variety of sources, with methods of filtration, washing, adsorption, reaction, separation and rectification etc.
The CO2 Plant turns the waste into treasure,making the CO2 widely used in beverage, welding, firefighting, oil field, fresh keeping and many other field.




Types CO2 Plant



Stack Gas CO2 Recovery Plant


Stack Gas CO2 Recovery Plant (SGR) recover CO2 from Flue gases of power plant, boiler, lime kiln and cement plant after combustion of coal, flue gas or oil.

Purity: Industrial/Food Grade, or up to ISBT or Coca cola standard.



  • • Customized design for various sources of tail gases, minimize equipment investment and energy consumption while ensuring product function;
  • • DCS automatic monitoring control system effectuates nobody-duty, minimizing labor cost and error probability substantially, monitoring on the key points for high safety;
  • • Skid-mounted, small area and easy installation;
  • • Full stainless steel for equipment contact Co2 to ensure the safety and stability of the whole system;
  • • Multiple energy-saving design for cool & heat recycling, minimizing the running cost.
  • • Services over the entire lifecycle of a plant.




All Pressure Vessels can be designed in accordance with the GB or European Pressure Directive PED or ASME depending on the geographies.


Form Boiler
From Power plant
Skid mounted


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